Green Construction

As someone who enjoys building, it is unfortunate that so little of what the industry does pushes the envelope.  

Why shouldn't your house combine great craftsmanship, solar electricity, solar hot water, environmentally friendly materials, a light footprint on the environment, and a superb overall energy efficiency?  

As I gained experience in the construction industry, I became convinced that all of the above were possible and were what interested me most.

Everyone is green these days - just ask them.  But what do they mean when they say green?  Green energy? Green materials? Green finishes? Land use? Water use? Air quality?  

For me I can tell you that I try very hard see the big picture and to apply it.  The problem is the picture is continually evolving and involves countless choices and trade offs.  

So what follows is my version of what "Green" is, as expressed through our home which was designed and built by myself and my wife Heather.  It combines everything I have learned so far but has things we would do differently now.  

Everything used in the house is a proven off-the-shelf product, affordable and available. I mention this only because most people's exposure to green construction is limited to newspaper articles dealing with unique dream homes that cannot be replicated, or worse still cannot be accurately priced.  

By contrast this house can be duplicated by any competent construction crew using materials any lumberyard carries and requires no extra training or special courses.  You need to care though and that is the hard part…


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