Basement and Wall Systems

The best numbers I have seen state that a third of heat-loss occurs through the foundation walls, yet the industry norm is still an uninsulated concrete or block wall.  Why ICF foundations are not mandatory in Canada I do not know but we made sure to use them.

Thermal bridging occurs when the cold air comes into contact with the wood studs and headers of the wall.  We chose to avoid this by using a 2x4 frame covered with 1.5" of blue foam.  We achieved an R23 wall system with little or no thermal bridging issues while using a third less framing material. 

The rigid foam was strapped and topped with a wood siding. The inside walls were drywalled.  With a more forgiving budget I would have opted for a 2x6 wall with the foam on the outside giving me a R28+ wall.  Next time!


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